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IntellectuALE Adventure: Craft Beer + Design

Briget Heidmouse, of the Idea Space and Coburn Gallery at Colorado College recently curated an event around the branding and design process of breweries in conjunction with the business side of owning a brewery.  She invited us to contribute by of a panel discussion at Coburn Gallery last week.  We happily sat along side of Echo Architecture and Iron Bird Brewery sharing our perspective of the branding process in line with the design of the space and the business start and venture by Aaron and Mike at Iron Bird.  We’d love to share with you some snippets of the evening.



We love the history behind the founding phases of design work; before computers and digital advertising were readily available marketing pieces and signage were produced slowly with craft and care.  Letterpress and screen printing methods developed a nice texture to paper product and we love the imperfections that it can stand for today. That feel of handmade product and involving a craft – it’s a bit more rough and less refined.  These original methods that made design work come to life ages ago now paired with the technologies of today represent the sweat and tears piece of the craft with a smoother edge.

Iron Bird Brewery’s over arching design is rooted in a historical context. They related well with us well as our roots are similar. Our original marketing materials when we were known as Barnstorm Creative really carry that aviation feel with simple color schemes and strong lines.

Iron Bird really allowed for us to play with a lot of the theories and techniques we’ve talked about in a digital fashion and in then incorporate those into the the textures of their tap handles, shirts, paper products.  When they came to us for the first design meeting they brought post WWll propaganda posters and wanted to play in the same field as these.  The examples they had offered a simple design and the posters had been printed in 1 or 2 colors so everything had harsh lines and was bold.  

Our designer, Austin Buck,  worked through those concepts with sketches and you can see here and he rolled into a really strong feeling black and white logo, mimicking the simple design but leaving an impact relative to the brewery.  It’s simple and clear and relates with their vision.



Iron Bird Brewery logos types

For each branding client we develop a brand guide so that marketing is continuous through and through. Click here to see more.

This event was so fun as it created a space to pause and collectively share along side of Ryan Lloyd + Courtney Wilson of Echo Architecture and Mike Centanne + Aaron Celusta of Iron Bird Brewery about our experiences working together and in Colorado Springs as a whole.  For us, being a part of the incredibly positive changes that our city is making is really exciting – it’s part of why we do what we do and we hope through events like this the following generations will be inspired to continue the initiative that we’ve invested so much of our time and energies in to.  Cheers to a developing city and friends made along the way.  So thankful you invited us, Colorado College!

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